Our commitment to the customer

1. Notify on the lowest rates available

It will be offered the lowest rate available to customers who contact our reservation center, visit our reservation counters or access the site flyangola.co.

2. Notify of delays, cancellations and route deviations

Fly Angola aims to keep all of its flights operate on time; In the meantime, extreme situations may occur that affect the normal operation of scheduled flights. These situations can generate delays, cancellations and route deviations on flights. Fly Angola undertakes to inform in a timely manner the occurrence of such situations as well as periodic updates related to unusual situations.

3. Deliver the luggage at the right time

At Fly Angola, we all do to ensure that your luggage comes in good condition and in a timely manner. If the luggage does not arrive on the same flight as the passenger, we guarantee the shipment at no additional cost in the next scheduled flight.

4. Allow reservations without payment for 3 hours

Fly Angola allows you to make reservations for the site flyangola.co.ao and has the waiting time of up to 3 hours. The placeholder blocking and quotation fare will remain available for 3 hours, allowing you to pay air tickets using the multicixa express online system, normal multicola, bank transfer with proof sending, reservation center or any of our offices of sales. Amendments to the itinerary within and outside of this period may lead to change in tariffs.

5. Refunds of air tickets and optional services

Fly Angola will reimburse qualified air tickets and services as soon as the request, accompanied by the required documentation, is received by the airline. When repayments are applicable, they will be made immediately in the form of the original payment; However, applicable change rates may be deducted. Some optional products and services are not refundable; However, customers are entitled to an immediate repayment of all fees charged by optional services that the client could not use due to a flight cancellation. Refunds should be requested at the place of purchase, in case of online purchase by the website, you should contact the Sales Center.

Cheap flights can only be reimbursed in the city where the sale takes place. Refunds, including reimbursements of charges charged to a client for optional services that the client could not use due to a flight cancellation, will be made promptly for credit card purchases, in the credit card account used for purchase. For cash and check purchases, the refund will be done within 20 days after Fly Angola receives the request for customer repayment.
Make sure you have canceled your reservation before requesting a refund.

6. Guest accommodation with disabilities and other special needs

Service for minors unaccompanied
Fly Angola offers follow-up service from arrival at the airport counter. Unaccompanied minors. There are established rules for the service to be provided to our young travelers:


Contact our reservation center for more information about the service or visit the children traveling alone.

Customers with disabilities
Flyao Angola will provide passengers with disabilities a decent, courteous and professional service all the time. Customers can request assistance when arriving at the airport if they need specific accommodation during the trip. However, some service requests need to be made in advance. Visit our special assistance section for more information.

7. Service essential needs during route delays

In case of long-term delays, Fly Angola guarantees meeting the essential needs of customers. It includes delivery without cost of snacks and mineral water for a period of two hours after the aircraft leave the boarding gate (in the case of a match) or land (in case of an arrival), bathrooms and adequate medical care, if necessary.
Fly Angola will keep customers informed during delays. Updates will include the status and reason for the delay, if it is known.

8. Overbooking

In order to accommodate as many passengers as possible, considering that not all customers travel according to their original itineraries, some flights may have more confirmed passengers than the plane can accommodate. This is called overbooking. Fly Angola's policy allows overbooking flights in the main cabin. If, at boarding hours, there are more customers with confirmed reservations than available seats, Fly Angola will not deny a seat until the boarding gate employees first check if there are passengers with flexible travel plans that can give up their seats confirmed. These passengers are called volunteers in a situation of overbooking. If there are not enough volunteers, we will deny passenger shipment according to our written policy of boarding priority. Customers who have shipment denied and fulfilled check-in procedures will be entitled to receive compensation and amenities, as well as being confirmed in the following flight. Customers are entitled to an immediate repayment of all rates charged by optional services that the client could not use due to overbooking or cancellation of the flight.
Fly Angola alerts clients that negative shipment may occur without compensation if the procedures are not met at the time of check-in and other requirements.

9. Disseminate cancellation policies and rules of the frequent passenger program

Fly Angola will provide important information about the terms and conditions applicable to your airfare or travel; This includes cancellation policies and rules of the frequent passenger program in our transportation contract.


10. Immediately notify clients about itinerary changes

Fly Angola encourages all customers to provide contact information in their reservations in order to receive timely information about changes in the travel itinerary.

11. Ensure good receptivity to customer complaints

Customer's opinion is the best indicator of our service. Be sure to send us suggestions, compliments and complaints. Your communication is always welcome; Contact Us Using our Web Contact Form.


12. Reduce the inconveniences of the passenger

Fly Angola will ensure that services and resolutions are adequately provided to customers who go through any inconvenience related to cancellations and problems of flight connections.