You can not travel if you do not meet the required travel documentation, such as identity card and passport. Authorities may require the service provider to provide information or allow access to passenger data.

Refusal of embarkation: Flights may have excess bookings, and there is a small probability that a seat is not available on a flight, even if you have a confirmed reservation. In most circumstances, if shipment is denied involuntarily, it is entitled to compensation. When required by applicable law, the carrier shall request volunteers before someone is prevented from embarking unintentionally. Check with your carrier the complete rules on denied embarkation compensation (DBC) and information on carrier boarding priorities.

Luggage: Excess evaluation can be declared in certain types of articles. The carrier can apply special rules for fragile, valuable or perishable articles. Check with the operator.

Dispatched luggage: The conveyor can allow free receipt of dispatched luggage, which is defined by the carrier and may differ by class and / or route. The conveyor may charge extra fees for dispatched luggage beyond the limit allowed. Check with the operator.

Cabin luggage (unchecked): The carrier can allow a free cabin luggage franchise, which is defined by the carrier and may differ by class, route and / or aircraft type. It is recommended that the cabin luggage be maintained at a minimum. Check with the operator.

Check-in schedules: The time indicated on itinerary / receipt is the starting hours of the aircraft. The flight departure time is not the same as check-in time or the time you should be available to shipment. Your carrier may refuse your boarding if you delay. Check-in schedules, as recommended, are the last schedules in which passengers can be accepted for travel; The schedules of boarding, as recommended, are the limits in which passengers should present themselves to boarding.

Check-in closes one (1) hour before starting hours.

At Boarding (lack of embarkation): the carrier is not financially liable for the lack of attending to boarding, resulting automatically at the loss of the ticket.

Reimbursement Policy & Remarkation: Carrier will not reimburse tickets issued that has already carried out check-in. No-show tickets without making check-in can be changed by payment to the issuing agent.